The Flower Dance and the Wind Song

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As Ersella lies on her deathbed, she has only one regret: never being a good mother to her son, Vicente. When fate sends her back three years, she gets a chance to make things right. While reflecting on her past as a young bride and reluctant mother, Ersella begins to untangle years' worth of heartache. But as familial, marital, and even political issues enter the picture, she realizes there's more to her second life than she thought. Will Ersella's change of heart be too little, too late?

Associated Names:

As flores dançam e o vento canta, Aux jours heureux, Bunga Menari dan Angin Bernyanyi, Las flores bailan y el viento canta, The Dance of Flowers and the Song of the Wind, Танец цветов и песнь ветра, Цветы танцуют и ветер поет, Ծաղիկների պարը և հողմային երգը, تتراقص الزهور وتغني الريح, ดอกไม้เริงระบำและสายลมขับกล่อม, 繁花清風圓舞曲, 花は舞い風は歌う, 花舞风吟:再次重逢的艾尔, 꽃은 춤추고 바람은 노래한다


Drama,  Fantasy,  Josei,  Psychological,  Romance 

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