Top 2 Best Mystery manhwa of all time

What is manhwa?

Manhwa is a genre of comics originating from South Korea. It is because of this that the setting and culture of the stories carry the distinct characteristics of the Korean. In the past, Manhwa was heavily influenced by Japanese Manga, so its aesthetics and effects often lacked uniqueness. However, with the emergence and strong development of webtoons, a distinct art style and storytelling approach for Manhwa have been created.

What is Mystery manhwa?

Mystery manhwa refers to a genre of Korean comic books or graphic novels that revolves around suspenseful and enigmatic stories. In Mystery manhwa, readers are taken on thrilling journeys filled with intrigue, puzzles, and unexpected twists and turns.

Top 2 Best Mystery manhwa of all time?

1. Dear Villainous Husband , the One to be Obsessed with is Over There

Description:  I’ve transmigrated into the body of the wife of the mad villain emperor in an angsty novel! How will I escape? By running away quietly when the saintess he’ll become obsessed with appears. This love-blind emperor won’t even remember that I exist once he lays eyes on the saintess! I really didn’t do anything. All I did was lay as low as I could so that I wouldn’t get on my crazy husband’s nerves…. But the villain emperor has asked me to return to the palace with him, and not the saintess. But she’s already here! Why are you obessessing over me? Genre(s): 
Comedy, Fantasy, Josei, Mature, Mystery, Romance, Tragedy

2. The Player that can’t Level Up

Description:  In “The Player that Can’t Level Up,” we follow the journey of Kim Gi-Gyu, who awakens as a player at the age of 18. His life seemed destined for success as he embarked on a quest to climb the tower and close the gates. However, despite clearing the tutorial, he finds himself stuck at level 1. Even after years of battling goblins day in and day out, he remains unable to level up. This revelation shocks everyone around him, as no one expected such an anomaly to exist. Genre(s):  Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Manhwa, Mystery, Shounen

Where to read Mystery manhwa for free?

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