Which popular manhwa were released in 2024?

What is Manhwa?

Manhwa is a comic book genre originating from South Korea. Therefore, the storytelling culture carries the distinctive characteristics of the land of kimchi.

Why do people love Manhwa?

One of the reasons Manhwa captures readers' attention is its diverse colors and visually appealing, free-spirited art style. However, in terms of action effects, authors have not yet found a truly innovative approach. Regarding content, Manhwa and Korean TV dramas share similarities by emphasizing dramatic elements as an essential factor in storytelling.
 Manhwa has been around since the 20th century and is gaining increasing popularity. Today, Topreadmanhwa will introduce the two most famous Manhwa that debuted in 2024!

1. Korette, Doko kara Koi desu ka? (Released on March 1, 2024)

What does Korette, Doko kara Koi desu ka? talk about?

No synopsis yet - check back soon!

What genre does Korette, Doko kara Koi desu ka? belong to?

Romance  Shoujo

2. Kinkoi (Released on May 1, 2024)

What does Kinkoi talk about?

No synopsis yet - check back soon!

What genre does Kinkoi belong to?

Comedy  Josei  Romance

Where can I read manhwa 2024?

Nowadays, reading manhwa has become much easier, as you don’t need to buy physical copies anymore and can read manhwa online. One of the free online manhwa reading websites is Topreadmanhwa.

How to access the Topreadmanhwa website?

Simply connect your phone or computer to the internet and visit Topreadmanhwa.com, and you can read all the manhwa you want. Wishing you a pleasant and relaxing time!